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Parker’s solution to the world of ever expanding mobile control and electronics, IQAN is the next generation of simplicity for machine design and functionality. Based on CAN bus technology, signals from various sensors and controls can be tied together onto 2 signal wires and fed back to the main controller, thereby minimizing wiring and potential fault paths. This is especially useful for cranes that utilize rotary swivels or mobile equipment with multiple sensors on the boom tip. The system is also expandable, an ever-important feature in today’s fast paced high tech world; with only a little re-programming new modules can be readily added to provide extra controls or sensors to meet your needs as required. One unique feature of CAN bus is remote diagnostics; this can be in the form of a laptop computer, a palm pilot, or even a cell phone via modem.

The key to IQAN’s success over the competition is ease of programming. Other systems can say they have a CAN bus system, but none have the ability to program the units so easily. With the uniquely designed software, adjustments are only a click away, saving you both time and money.

A unique feature of this system is the MDM user interface panel. Operating under the CAN bus architecture, the IQAN system allows the operator to ‘see’ how the system is operating, and will let you know when there is a failure before it becomes a problem. Pressure and temperature monitoring, position feedback, fault diagnosis, engine speed control and so much more are all possible
thanks to the unique capabilities of IQAN.

A unique range of controls are offered for this system. The broad line of 0–5V analog levers can be used, including single or multiple axis joysticks, foot pedals, there is also an electronic gas pedal controller to speed the engine up when required. Alternatively, you can go with the more advanced CAN bus based units for the more demanding applications; under the CAN bus system, a unique protocol for engines (J1939) can be readily accessed for engine speed control, thereby meeting the new emission regulations of today and down the road.

Sensors are the key to any integrated system, and with the IQAN systems’ pressure and temperature sensors you have the ultimate in design flexibility.

Like many of us know, cost also plays an important role in any machine design. With that, Parker has recently come up with the TOC2 and TOC8 mobile controllers; dedicated valve drivers to interface with standard 0–5V joysticks and controls to offer you a complete range of alternatives. Basic adjustments are made simply with the turn of a screwdriver, but also with the ability to be programmed via software for demanding applications for the ultimate in design flexibility.

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